Starting A New Job

Now that you’ve accomplished the tricky task of landing a job, it’s time to focus your strategy to hit the ground running! We asked our alumni to offer up their best advice for anyone looking to make a strong first impression and to set themselves up for long-lasting success!

Starting a New Job

If your employer gives you a task that is NOT in your job description, you should decline the opportunity.
Now that you have the job, it's not as important for you to have a person within the company that can advocate for you.
Patience will serve you well as you begin a new job.
You will be very busy learning your role and making friends, so do NOT ask for any more work than what has already been given to you.
If nobody has previously asked you about the company mission, you are probably in the clear. So do NOT worry about it once you begin your employment.
You should worry about your specific role, and not how it relates to the company as a whole.
If you ask too many questions, the employer may think that they made a mistake by hiring you.
A good way to learn when receiving a lot of new information might be to take notes and conduct a daily reflection of what was covered each day.